About Us

Lumiereholic, as light chaser in French. We will serve as your loyal guardian in the pursuing of eternal requiem.

Lighting equipment we provided as solar powered lights, flaming flicker lights and high bay lights. They are the three most precious crown jewels birth under years of cultivation in the industry.

Hence, as a devoted disciple in the way of finding illumination. We will boldly go where no man has gone before!
Solar Street Light
Solar Street Lights are designed at purpose to use in open areas. Such as parking lots, animals pens and outdoor sport courts.

Way of implementing is unlimited, if our products can fit your needs, then shop away.
UFO High Bay Light
UFO High Bay Light packs such a big punch in brightness output, that normal household won't even need it.

Hence the typical places it will appear would be hang up high in factories, indoor swimming pool, stadium and large supermarket.
Lighting Equipment
Flame Flickering Light
Flame Flickering Light will and definitely be your centerpiece in house among all decorations.

Powered in the form of LED, to simulate a vintage feeling of flickering flame which only candle can achieve in the past.
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Lighting Equipment